To offer guidance, incorporating; creative innovations, challenges, self awareness, objectives and the attainment of self identity
To give each person the opportunity to find their true voice, values and needs.
To give the individual the opportunity of self balance and awareness for their future well being and success.
To give individuals freedom and opportunity to recognize any formed habits, life issues and self limiting beliefs, that they feel hinder them in their progress, and, to offer tools for discovering solutions that could be beneficial to their desire to change.
To help empower the individual towards recognition of their right to have the choice of change in any direction they

may wish.
To motivate the individual toward all goals recognized,
To help network toward any resources available, that will further benefit the progress, future success and well-being of the individual.
To ensure that any resources or organization that are approached shall be with total respect for; all remits and confidentiality policies that may be in place.

The sole remit of the workshop is, to inspire; creative and realistic thinking, that permits each individual to discover for themselves; positive outcomes to any given situation and a greater awareness of their own potential.

                                                                              Freedom for Awareness
                                                                            The A.P.A.L.M.E Workshop

Offers all Individuals the opportunity of awareness and acceptance of their immediate identity created by inner and outer influences at the point of now
Opens an opportunity where the individual recognizes the personal freedom of choice to change internal and external eventualities.
Allows the individual to question all internal and external knowledge learned from past experiences or teachings from other sources.
Allows the individual to recognize the importance of their being and attributes within any given situation at any time.
Presents an open choice of Personal discovery within an Individual’s perception of their; physical, emotional, Intellectual and Inspirational values.
Creates a question / answer situation which gives the individual freedom of awareness and choice of action with recognition of cause and effects.

                  Remains independent of all; Religious, Political, Gender and Therapy organizations.

Is purposeful in the recognition of Personal and productive thoughts and actions that are beneficial to the well-being and life balance of a single individual, whilst retaining consideration and harmony for other individuals and their immediate environment.

                                                                                  The A.P.A.L.M.E Workshop


Will rely on your own ability to identify your true self, enabling you to portray your essential needs to others without fear of judgment, conviction or rejection. The information that you gather about yourself throughout this course will enable you to make decisions and take directions that greatly enhance your sense of identity, purpose and well-being.
The catch...there is none
This is a no nonsense program, that offers a structure based only on your own self research and honesty.


Relies solely on what you are willing to put into your individual desire of change.

                                                                                            In other words

You are responsible throughout for your own choices. There are no promises or miracles on offer, this program is solely about you, facing and reflecting on your personal life journey to date, the issues you are encountering and how they affect your behavior and decisions.
Only when you have recognized and accepted a picture of yourself and of other influencing factors, will you discover that you not only have the right and availability, but also, the freedom for, life change and your future well-being.


                       A six-step program designed to help you unfold a greater sense of self and personal discovery of;

What makes you who you are
What is useful and what is not
Changes that would make a difference
Process of further action.
This is a six-step program of, reflection, evaluation and awareness and most importantly honesty with your self.
There are no right or wrong answers, nor are you working against, or for, another individuals opinion.

                                     WHAT YOU GET OUT OF THE WORKSHOP RELIES ON WHAT YOU PUT IN TO IT.

The course is based upon your own personal life journey, the issues that you have encountered and are encountering now, how they effect your behaviors, your way of thinking and immediate well-being.
Once you become aware and accept that you alone have the right and freedom to make decisions and choices concerning all issues in your life, you can then choose to plan your way forward with renewed vigor and confidence.

                                    A FACILITATED PROGRAM….. ABOUT YOU…….DISCOVERING YOU FOR YOU.

                                                                  Enhancement of Life-skills and behaviors.
                                                                                           (2) Development
                                                             Desired change to beliefs, values and identity.
                                                                                           (3) Transformation
                                                                Change in purpose, direction and meaning.

                                                      Body, Mind and Inner Spirit, Personal Self Transformation
                                                       Each of the six sections are about Honesty within oneself.

Being truthful, is not always the easiest and most comforting way of life.


There is no right or wrong answer, It is impossible for there to be failure.
There is no cause for fear of your discoveries, and there are no musts, or, time limits.
With each of the six sections are the four areas you are looking at

PHYSICAL (the body)
INTELLECT (the mind knowledge)
EMOTION (feelings)
INSPIRATION (the inner creative the outer unknown or spirit))

Within the four are eight

Incarnate self.......the human body that you possess in all its parts

Inherent self …............... that which is within..the essential self

Intellectual behavior
......... that which is chosen through rationality

Inspirational behavior
....... the creative self

Ingenious behavior …that which is in your power to release

Inveterate behavior.... …..that which is habitual. addictive..negative or positive

Indoctrinated behavior ….that which is learned and accepted as a truth without question

Intemperate behavior …...the extreme behaviors to which you may be a slave

                                                                               What makes you, you?

Here is your opportunity to discover the real you and, the real world that you live in
Through life awareness as well as through; self questioning of present beliefs, values and the ideals and values that you already hold.

I am allowed to see myself as I am;

I am allowed to ACCEPT my body, my mind and my personal inner spirit as OK, or not, if that is what I choose.
I can give myself PERMISSION to change what I wish at any time.
I have the right to seek and use what is AVAILABLE to suit my needs.
I can recognize or not, the inner or outer LIMITATIONS that confront me,
Any time I choose to make a difference I shall be aware of my MOTIVATION.
I recognize that within any given situation there will be inner and outer emotional imbalances to deter me. I shall remain aware that I alone have the courage to ENDURE all
Throughout any transformation, I shall be aware o; the rights and boundaries of others and
shall act with integrity at all times.
I shall be aware of; cause and effect aiming at all times to create a life, of well-being,happiness, and harmony.

I can ACCEPT my self.
I can give myself PERMISSION.
I can search the endless AVAILABILITIES.
I can accept there may be LIMITATIONS.
I can daily MOTIVATE my life.
I can ENDURE all aspects of my life.
Throughout any transformation I shall be aware of the rights and boundaries of others and shall act
with integrity at all times.
I shall be aware of cause and effect, aiming at all times to create a life of;

and so much more. Because I am alive

To define a world of living entities, would I find a definition?
If I were to describe myself in specifics…
…where specifically would I find the mind?
And should it be that this mind belongs to me, why then… does it wish to lead me away from… instead of, toward that which I truly desire.
Why then do I continue to do something that I do not wish to do…?
..Or not do that, which I wish to do
To what purpose is my existence?
Is there purpose,
What purpose do I serve?
What is my interactive purpose.
does my actuality create any specific outcome?
What is purposeful life for any one individual?
What’s in it for me?
What were my dreams when I was younger?
What would I do if this was the last day of my life?
What would I do if I couldn't fail?
What are my strengths and talents?
What do I admire most about others?
What does my ideal lifestyle look like?
What does success mean for me?
What makes me really happy?
Is there anything that needs to be invented?
What does a perfect day look like for me?
What would I do if there were no restrictions?
What really excites me?
What could I be honored and recognized for?
Where do I see my life in ten years?
What am I proud of? What would I like to accomplish?
What would I do differently, if, I could start over again?

                                                                          Freedom for Awareness

                                                                       Never fear creating your own

Take responsibility for my actions and outcomes
Recognize the needs of others
Make sure that any goods that I produce are moral and have value
Be assertive in my dealings and always fair
Give myself time and space
Be in the moment of each action
Research legal elements
Take the steps needed to carry out any operationBe grateful for all returns
Be precise in who I am and what I do
Listen to the wisdom of others retaining my right to making a choice
Treat others with respect and without judgment
Allow room for errors of both myself and others
Be aware of time barriers
Be prepared to receive criticism as constructive feed back
Create agendas and follow them
Relax when working and remain aware of the purpose
Keep personal agendas separate from work
Believe in my capabilities
Be prepared to learn and to progress
Remain aloft of negativity in self and others
Accept that success will depend on structure and self confidence
Work at what I know Enjoy what I do
Be prepared to be sociable
Value the opinions of others
Never let anger frustration or impatience to get the better of me
Know that there will always be ground work to cover
Give credit to others where credit due
Only say I can do what I can do
Remain aware of my own health limits
Be prepared to meet challenges with an open mind
Accept failings with recognition of why
Face up to my commitments at all times

                                                       ©Paul Charles  Freedom for Awareness 2016

What is actual?
What is mind?
How does perception perceive

What more can I do?
I can respect myself every day.
I can ask my self questions.
I can feel OK to ask for help.
I can learn to love life,
To Love myself,
To love others.
I can learn new things.

I can grow.


Copyright © Freedom for Awareness. All rights reserved.