24 August 2017

Speaking as no more than an individual

Speaking as no more than an individual upon ones own journey, searching that of the mind and its many avenues.
I discover many questions as to the how,s and why,s of time.

I have come to accept that, the beginning of my journey, (with the input of others) will have affected the personality that was to grow, therefore, creating outcomes adverse to my own personal desires.

Emotional triggers were created that would become activated with the slightest nudge.

As with all other individuals, even where there may have been stability and security,
emotional discrepancies can soon bring about negativity and deterioration of personal identity.

All that is guaranteed as fact of our individual journey, Is, we are born and we die.

That which comes in-between our beginning and end, isbut our world of learning, whether it be by indoctrination or of personal experience.

None other can know of your truth, for this is ever of; self, environment and choice.

As I write these words I live.
I have an awareness of my physical body, my mentality and my emotional state, however, as much as I may wish to have control over each of these, I find it strange that I can still find myself pulled in many different directions, whether through my own doing or the input of others..

Choice can never be sure of outcome,

no matter the depth of desire.

Although we have senses, as do all life form, we are cursed by passion, greed and desire which easily lead to delusions, disappointment and all to often emotional disruption.
Which then turn many on to, paths of false fulfilment.
None of which offer a true salvation to our personal inner being, including that of the many instructive religions who in their wisdom have only come about through the voice of another's journey and turned into a collective. None of which can offer truth other than indoctrinated teaching.

We in our need of escape have discovered many vices to create a sense of utopia, a search for the connection of being, not recognising that outside of all our searching, we are an essence of pure nature and that no other interference can prove gratification of a purposeful life.

In mine own self I have come to learn that no matter what has been done to me or that which I have done unto others can never be erased, there were events both positive and negative, however no longer exist in actuality, for there can only be the present moment in which we live.

There is but this time and the making of choices to operate in the best possible manner, acceptant of the fact that we are responsible for our actions in our purest, human state.
Sadly, suffering is a part of being alive and we can not always escape it, however, we can recognise it in our own being.

The choosing of what can be accepted as a reality in the natural way of things can help us to alleviate, the emotional traumas. We can learn to recognise delusions, falsehoods and deceptions as no more than an ignorance that human nature has conceived to avoid the simplicity of life.

We could try to understand what we as a being have done to contribute toward that of suffering and take a stand of responsibility in the moment of now.
Knowing that each action taken shall have an outcome that will effect many, as will there actions shall affect you.
The falsehoods that we have surrounded ourselves with, remain with out any proof.

The universe is, as the universe is,
and we in our lack of knowledge become of life.

The Unconventional Scribbler

Fact we are born
fact we shall die
That which is in-between
is for us to keep in line with natures wish.
As it is down to each individual

to accept there being,

acting in accordance with,

the way of things.
Never enforcing their will upon another
or draining the energy of another's space.

August 25th 2017

How easily a mind can be led

How easily a mind can be led, altered, .sent into confusion
where emotional imbalance can become greater than awareness.

How easy it is for the I to be de-valued.
For the self is weak ever in a state beyond that of natural occurrence.

Yet stop just for a moment, take in the essence of self
recognise what you have, see the importance of your being.

Allow your self to take a stance toward, balance, harmony and well-being.
Let the creation of mind be a close friend,
for if it were another being who abused you, would you not turn away.

We blame the world for many things as we hide our own blame
yet this blame is unwarranted, for it is only that of wrong choices, that bring about the negativity that so haunts the mind and emotions.

However better to know

the friend inside for there lays compassion.

The Unconventional Scribbler

Trust in that awareness, own the true essence of your inner being
'tis then, that honour and respect shall ever be by your side and all around you shall receive, the energies of a true champion.



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24 August 2017

It has all been written before 

It has all been written before,

the meaninglessness of material collection.

It has all been said before, the suffering that one creates in ones own life.
It has all been known before,
the Karmic outcomes that are ever there,
until that of realisation and awareness becomes an actuality.

Yet unto what can one turn for alleviation from the pangs of guilt and remorse?
Where lies the actuality of a presence, that forgives and releases the discomfort of mental anguish?

There are many who would readily point the way, saying, 'Tis this path that shall set you free'.

Yet, I ask of myself, are they too not in search of redemption, do they not also hide their true being behind shadows of confusion.
For surely any being that offers a path way to freedom, asking of material return for another's salvation surely has no true concept of; 'the way of things'.

What I ask of myself , is such freedom that can wash away that which has been done.
Only hardness of heart, returns mine answer, for truth is a great burden to bare.

There is, then that of, 'the collective' they who become of agreement to, 'this way or that'.
Yet how can they speak out, for are they not in judgement of another, when it is sanctuary from judgement that we all seek.

What then, or, where lies the purest truth, if all that passes has been before.

Why need I question that of mine own experience if there Is, none but,repetitive despair.

Even though values may be of utmost importance, or that morals be a boundary in which to live.
Yet again judgement raises its head, for there are they who choose that which is deemed the truth.

What then of individual being, when all is stripped bare of instruction?
What then is there, that becomes the foundation for pureness of essential self.

So there before me ever sits the true balance, of, not another's will, but, that of mine own.
The answers of perfect collusion with 'that which is' where there are no bounds.

'Tis but in ignorance that I learned from the many who teach from there own learned ignorance.
'Tis but I who in mental blindness have created but delusions and degraded that of natures path.
Yet to return unto the innocence of the unborn is not possible, until unto that of death, and that being of a knowledge unknown, can bring none to the essence of truth.

So, it seems that sufferance is but a continuum, a lesson carried within each being, leaving none that is unique unto the way, neither of this world nor that of any other.

The Unconventional Scribbler

I myself seek no more than truth of self
be it in, body, in mind,or of spirit.
Ever knowing that there is non-other
has wisdom, other than, their own lot.